Grants & Scholarships

The FCAA provides a number of grants and scholarships each year to qualifying Fordham College at Rose Hill students.

Rev. George McMahon, S.J. Travel Fellowship

Honoring the late Father George McMahon, S.J, Dean of Fordham College (1962-1974), this annual $5,000 fellowship helps a student defray travel costs while conducting an independent study or research project. Students who are members of the Fordham Club, United Student Government, the Fordham University Band, or members of intercollegiate sports teams may apply.

Stephanie Plaza

Stephanie Plaza, FCRH ’21 is the 2019 recipient. Stephanie, captain of the cheerleading team and an executive leader of the Campus Activities Board, is studying computer science and marketing. A New Jersey native, she will use her travel grant to volunteer with I Am Zambia on a humanitarian trip to Lusaka to help foster social impact by improving the lives of students in the region. Specifically, she will work in a girls’ school and health clinic to empower Zambian women to prepare for secondary education, become employed and undergo training to be entrepreneurs. Said Stephanie, “I am so excited to be a part of this mission to spread education around the world and give back to the Zambian community! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give back! I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the Fordham College Alumni Association.”

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Endowed Scholarship

The FCAA endows two full scholarships each year for legacy students, a needs-based program that was established in 1961. The two most recent endowed scholarship recipients are:

Kathryn Mandalakis, FCRH ’19, (left) was a Spanish major whose scholarship allowed her to study in Spain and to live with a Spanish family. She will join the Fordahm Development Office this summer.

Anne Marie Ward, FCRH ’19 (right), majored in Comparative Literature and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She will travel for the summer before beginning her career.

Research Grant

Ted Schoneman and Jack Brennan with their research mentor Professor William Baumgarth.

In 2012, the FCAA committed an annual gift for 10 years to support the Fordham College Undergraduate Research Symposium. The 2019 recipients are Theodore Schoneman and Jack Brennan, both FCRH ’20. They presented: “The Case of Two Diverging Roads: A Hayekian Explanation of the Crisis in Venezuela and the Miracle in Chile.” Ted and Jack make the case that Chile and Venezuela in the 1970’s had similar conditions of low economic freedom and high political freedom, but Venezuela is now in crisis while Chile is thriving. This, they write, is explained in the work of Friedrich Hayek in his “The Road to Serfdom.” The difference, they posit, is that U.S. intervention helped set up a coup in Chile that led to economic freedom for its people, contributing to long term success, even though a temporary dictatorship was put in in place. The researchers explain that “this strategy should only be used in rare situations when it is obvious that a country will reach the end of Hayek’s ‘road.’”

FCAA Encaenia Award

ENCAENIA, May 16, 2019

During the annual Fordham College at Rose Hill Encaenia ceremony, the FCAA presents a Fordham chair to a student who exemplifies the Fordham spirit of excellence in academic, service and extracurricular achievement. The 2019 FCAA Encaenia chair was presented to Charlotte Hakikson by FCRH Dean Maura Mast (right) and FCAA president Debra Caruso Marrone (left).

Charlotte was a double major in theology and African American Studies. She was also an ambassador for the Rose Hill Society, welcoming prospective students and families, an Urban Plunge Assistant who introduced incoming first-year students to community service and social justice, and both a commuter assistant and resident assistant. 

FCAA Journalism Scholar’s Award

Congratulations to our latest scholarship awardee, Kelly Bright, FCRH ’21. Kelly received the FCAA’s Journalism Scholars Award for 2019. She will be a junior in September, majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and plays softball at Fordham. Kelly hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism. She has written for the Odyssey online and helped create an episode of Fordham Focus, set to air on BronxNet. Kelly recently joined Fordham Student TV News and plans to work at WFUV in the fall. This summer Kelly is working with a documentary film company in Wellesley, Massachusetts.